Bread Mix (Atkins Quick N Easy)
Bread Machine Mix (CarbSense) 252g
Tortilla Wraps (Pack of 10) Carbwatchers
Butter Biscuits (Prodia)
500 Low Carb Recipes (Dana Carpender)
Almond Flour
Crackerbread (Andres) 113gms
Cavalier Assrtd Belgian Chocolates
Accel (Atkins)
Advantage Bars (Atkins USA versions) 60gm
Bake Mix (Atkins UK)
Basic #1 Formula (Atkins)
Basic #3 Formula (Atkins)
Blood Sugar Tablets (Atkins)
Tortilla Snack Chips (Atkins) 28gm
Jelly Bags 150gm
Dieters Advantage (Atkins)
Endulge Chocolate Treats Bars (Atkins re-formulated for UK)
Essential Omega Oils (Atkins)
Morning START Bars (Atkins USA version) 5x37g
Jelly Beans (Carbolite)
Muffin Mixes (Atkins Quick Quisine) 227gm
Muffin Mixes (Atkins Quick Quisine Deluxe)
Pancake & Waffle Mix (Atkins) 255gms or 454gms
Jelly Teddy Bears (DeBron)
RTD Shakes (Atkins USA Cans) 324ml
Shake MIXES (Atkins USA versions) 454gm
Bake Mix (Carbsense) 392gm
BBQ Sauces (Walden Farms) 340gm
Beef Jerky (Tenderbite)
Body Fat Monitor and Scales (Tanita BF-572)
Bodyhealth for Life Pack (28 Day Supply)
Book - The Zone Diet
Bruschetta (Walden Farms) 340gm
Canditox Formula
Caramel Popcorn
Carbohydrate Counter
Carb Starch Blocker (Phase 2) 450mg
Caribbean Toffee Mix (DeBron)
Cellulite Formula
Cherry Gums (DeBron)
Chewing Gums 15gm Box
Chewy Bars (Carbolite)
Chewy Sensations (Pure DeLite) 40gm
Cavalier Chocolate Bars (MULTIBUY) 24x42gm
Coating Crumbs (Keto) 330gms
Coconut Toasties
Cola Gums (DeBron)
Fudge Brownie Mix (Keto)
CoQ10 (10mg)
Coral Calcium Supreme
Dark Chocolate Hearts
Chox (50gm)
Chocolate Covered Wafers (Bellinea)
Chocolate Chips (CarboPhobia) 200gm
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Balance)
Chocolate Sauce (Walden Farms)
Chocolate Wafer Biscuit Bar (DeBron)
Cavalier Chocolate Tablets 85gms
Chromium (GTF) Polynicotinate 200mcg
Dips (Walden Farms)
New Diet Cookbook (Dr Atkins)
New Diet Revolution (Dr Atkins)
Quick and Easy New Diet Cookbook (Dr Atkins)
Dressings (Steels)
Salad Dressings (Walden Farms) 355ml
*Fat Flush - The Complete Program
Granola (Flax O Meal) 252gm
Fresh Breath Mints 7gm (50 Mints)
Frosted Flakes (Keto) 226gm
Fruit Drops
Fruit Flavour Lollies
Wheat Gluten Powder
Gourmet Syrups (DaVinci) 375ml
Bread Mix - Farmhouse Style (Your Choice) 300g
Green Tea Blends (25 Bags) 50gm
Hair Nutrition Pack (28 Day Supply)
Halters BonBons 40gm
Hand Held Body Fat Monitor (SB2007)
Hard Sweets (Sweet N Low) 70gm Bags
Hard Sweets (with Splenda) 113gm Bags
Heart Rate Monitor (Pulsports Opal 100)
High Fibre Complex (Keto)
Hot Cereal Mix (Flax O Meal) 397gm
Hot Cocoa Mix (Keto) 80gm
Indian Spice Blends (Hot) 28gm
Indian Spice Blends (Medium) 28gm
Indian Spice Blends (Mild) 28gm
Jams & Jelly (Stute) 430gm
Judys Brittles
Ketato Mix (Keto) 208gm
Ketch-A-Tomato (Atkins US)
Ketchup (Keto)
Ketchup (Walden Farms)
Chocolate Nuts (Keto) 112gm
KETO Protein Bars 55gm
Ketostix (Lipolysis Strips)
Lean Protein Bites (28gms)
Lean System 7 (Fat Burner)
Life Without Bread
Linseed (Flaxseed)
Lipoic Acid and Acetyl Carnitine
Lollys (Debron)
Low Carb Meals in Minutes
Macadamia Nuts
Macaroni Cheese Dinner (Keto)
Marmalade (Stute) 430gm
Marshmallows (Debron)
Marzipan Log
Meno-Time Menopause Formula
Mini-Cake (DietLine)
Muffin Mix (Carbsense) 224gm
New High Protein Diet Cook Book (Prof Charles Clark)
New High Protein Diet (Prof Charles Clark)
Oat Flour
Bread Mix - Country White (Your Choice) 270g
Pancake Mix (Carbsense) 336gm
Pancake Syrup (Atkins)
Pancake Syrup (Keto)
Pancake Syrup (Walden Farms)
Pasta (Darielle) 340gms
Pasta (Keto) 226gm
Pasta Sauce - Marinara (Walden Farms) 425gm
Peanut Butter Cup (Carbolite)
Pizza Crust Mix (Carbsense) 336gms
Poker Fruit Shapes (DeBron)
Thickener - Xanthan Gum
Woodies Bars (Hazelnut with Orange)
Woodies Bars (Hazelnut)
Dessert Waffles
Viennese Shorties
Choc Covered Vanilla Wafers (Cavalier)
Vanilla Biscuits
Traditional Sweets
Toffees (with Splenda) 85gm
Toffees (Simpkins) 75gm
Throat Lozenges
Thicken Thin not Starch
Cookies (Sweet N Low)
Sweetener - Splenda (Sucralose)
Sweetener (Sionon)
Sugar Busters for Kids
Spiced Whole Wheat Biscuits
SOY Shake Mixes (KETO FOODS) 450gm
Soya Flour
Hard Sweets (Solano)
Slimasleep Formula
Shake Mixes (KETO FOODS) 450gm
Sea Shells (Cavalier)
Rocky Mountain (Steels) 369gm
Pork Rinds (Pub Original)
Psyllium Husks
Sauces & Marinades (Atkins US) 280gm
Nasaleze Spray (Hayfever Relief)
Male Power Pack
Bear in a Bag (Gift Set)
Sweet N Low Chocolate Bars (42gms)
Cavalier Chocolate Bars (42/44gms)
Perlege Chocolate Bars (42gms)
Chocolate Drink (Prodia) 14gm
Baked Fresh and Sliced (UK Mainland Only)
Cereals (Atkins Morning Start) 283gm
Cookie Mix (Carbsense MiniCarb)
New Carbohydrate Counter (Dr Atkins)
Cookies (Joseph's) 312gm
Cookie Mix (Atkins Quick Quisine)
Macadamia Nut Butter
Bran Crispbread 100gm
Yep! Bars 33gm
Healthy Fast Food Diet Book (Prof Charles Clark)
Soya Bean Flakes
South Beach Diet
Whey Protein (Nutrisport)
Tortilla Wraps (Mama Lupe's) 10 Wraps
Sugar Free Sweets (Sula) 50gm
Fettuccine (Keto)
Brownies - Ready Made (Controlled Carb) 84.9gm
Bacon Flavour Snack (Carbolite) 20gm
CREMOSA Lollies (by Chupa Chups)
Breakfast Bars (Carbolite) 5x36g
Carbolite Chocolate Flavour Bar 28gm
Diet Planner (Dr Atkins)
RTD Shakes (Atkins formulated for the UK) 330ml
Pasta Cuts (Atkins) 340gm
Pasta Meals (Carb'Tastic) Serves 1
Pancake Syrup (Josephs) 354ml
Sipper Sweets Drinks (Low Carb Creations) 93gm
Hot Cereal Mix (Carbsense MiniCarb)
14 Day Starter Kit (Atkins)
Roasted Snack Mix
Chocolate Biscuits (Prodia)
RTD Shakes (Body Perfect) 300ml
Whey Better Protein Powder (750gm)
Advantage Bars (Atkins re-formulated for the UK) 60gm
Cravings Prevention (Gymnema Sylvestre)
Collagen Capsules 400mg
Cranberry Extract 250mg
Shake MIXES (Atkins reformulated for the UK) 320gm
Morning Shine Bars (Atkins formulated for the UK) 5x37gm
Bread Mix (Carbolite)
Muffin Mixes (Ketogenics)
Pancake Syrup (Ketogenics) 354ml
Carbolite Choc Flavour Truffle Bar (28gm)
Pasta Sauce - Marinara (KETO)
Slim Jims Formula
Chocolate Neapolitans (Cavalier) 100gm
Cinnamon Crisp Biscuits (Cavalier)
Bel Arte Chocolate Tablets 85gm
Bel Arte Chocolate Bars 42gms
L-Glutamine Powder
Soy Crunchies (Hearty's)
Hazelnut Meal (Ground Hazelnuts)
Balance Asstd Belgian Chocolates
Balance Chocolate Bars (42gms)
Prodia Chocolate Bars (42gms)
Peppermints (DeBron)
Fruit Gums (DeBron)
Age-Defying Diet Revolution (Dr Atkins)
L-Carnitine 500mg
Advantage Granola Bars (Atkins)
Drink Mixes (Atkins)
Sweet Dips (Walden Farms) 340gm
Ashers Chocolate Bars (47gm)
Cookies (Pure De-Lite) 62gm
Activa Biscuits
Buttertoffee Sweets (Debron)
Go Lower Bars (Carb Counters) 45gm
Tortilla Wraps (SouthWestern) 20 Wraps
Ashers Chocolate Chunks (113gm)
Taco Shells
Pretzels (Pure De-Lite)
Cookies (CarboSave) 112gms
Dressings (Atkins) 300ml
Juicefuls with Vitamin C 33.5gm
Coconut Oil (Virgin Organic)
Wine Gums (Permisso)
Sweetener (Slimsweet)
Candied Pecans (Megans) 112gms
Butterscotch Sauce (Steels)
Pasta Meals (Carbsense Aramana)
Cake Mixes (Carbsense MiniCarb) 288gms
Pure De-lite Chocolate Bars 38gms
Fruit Spreads (Meridian) 284gm
Tahini Light (Meridian)
Cooking Sauce - Tikka Masala (Meridian) 350gm
Cooking Sauce - Korma (Meridian) 350gm
Dips (Meridian)
Cooking Sauce - Sun Dried Tomato (Meridian) 350gm
Nut and Seed Bar (Lyme Regis) 40gm
Roasted Soya Nuts (Food Doctor) 50gm
French Dressing (Meridian)
Roasted Soya Snack
Mushrooms - Sun Dried Chanterelle 50gm
Savoury Seed Biscuits (Village Bakery) 200gm
Fruit Desserts (Coteaux Nantais) 112g x 2
Muesli (Alara) 250gm
Pasta Tricolour Shapes (Glutano) 250gm
Rice Porridge with Apricot (Orgran) 375gm
Soya Flour (Organic)
Orange Marmalade (Wilkin & Sons) 340gm
Guarana Lemonade (Gusto) 250ml
Herbal Energy Drink - Sparkling (Gusto) 250ml
Speckled Eggs (Whizzers) 50gm
Honey Hazel Crunchy (Biona) 375gm
Herbal Teas (Pukka Ayurveda) 20 Bags
Fruit Toffees (Debron)
Soya Milk (Provamel)
Shirataki Noodles (Konnyaku)
Chewing Gum (deBron) 16.8g
Pasta Pals Alphabet Shapes (500gm)
Granola Bar (Flax Z Snax)
Chocolate Nuts (75g)
Chocolate Caraques 125gm
Marzipan - Dark Chocolate
Fruit Biscuits (Prodia)
Cereal (Natures Path)
Macadamia Nut Oil (Extra Virgin)
Crunchables (Atkins) 25g
Cookies - Choc Covered (Atkins)
Cranberry Sauce (Steels)
Pasta (Dreamfields)
Soy Powder (NOW Foods)
Carbsense Chocolate Bars (MiniCarb) 34g
Fudge Brownie Mix (Atkins Deluxe)
Sweetener (Maltitol Crystals)
Lemon Biscuits (Perlege)
Belgian Chocolates (Gift Box)
Breakfast Clusters (Carbolite) 30g
Breakfast Bars (Carbolite) Singles
Flax Crax Crackers (142gms)
Luxury Twist Wrapped Chocs (Gudrun)
Gold Ballotin of Assorted Chocs (Bel Arte)
Chocolate Brazil Nuts (Corifeo)
Low Carb Delite (Your Choice)
Hot Oat Cereal Mix (Your Choice) 300gm
Caramel Sauce (Steels)
Think Thin Protein Bars (60gm)
Biscotti (Lilly's Homestyle Bakery) 5oz Tub